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Letter from CEO Bill Todd
Georgia Cancer Coalition

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“The world has become violent, crass and devoid of romance.  Women work harder than ever and at times one forgets that deep inside there still is, and always will be, a craving for a beautiful lake under the stars, a bare foot on the sand, and a gentle note attached to a rose….”

Female was Misha's gift to his mother...but he lost Elisabeth on Mother’s Day, 2001, after a 6-year battle with lung cancer.  So he took the music around the country, naming the concert series, Beauty Found in Unlikely Places, dedicating each concert to his mother.  As his audience knows well, Misha weaves personal anecdotes in with the music, and often has the audience laughing, crying, always leaves them uplifted, fortified with inspiration, ready to face the next challenge, and feeling just a little bit more beautiful than when they walked in.

Elisabeth, who would walk to a Broadway show after chemotherapy, always said:
“Everything happens for a reason; if even for the moment it doesn’t seem so, the future reveals something good will come of it.”

What started out as a gift from son to mother, Female is now Misha's gift to you, and to all women—and to every man who loves or has ever been loved by a woman.


"Misha, I just wanted to let you know that Female has been in the top 5 of my CD collection, ever since I heard it for the first time a couple of years ago; I keep it right next to my player. As I sit in my home office, trying to catch up with things, I find your music to be incredibly restful. For people ailing from any of life's challenges, Female puts both my body and mind in a peaceful state. The therapeutic value of this kind of piece of mind can't be overstated."

—Dr. Victor Amira: Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCLA; M.D., RGS Medical Group, Beverly Hills, California

"Have you ever imagined what it would be like if everyone could hear the music in your head as you go about your daily business, or better yet, what the soundtrack of your life would sound like if you cavorted around as if in a movie? The concept behind making this record, Female, is an interesting one, especially coming from a man. Dedicated to the memory of his mother, Segal has created a wonderful world of romanticism and reverence for the female figure in his life. But the result is a record that is heartfelt and sincere in its effort to celebrate the female aesthetic.

"I couldn't help but feel, as I listened to this record in the candlelit and cozy atmosphere of my own living room, that while Segal has injected his feelings of love and devotion to his mother, that he was speaking to the soul of every woman. I'm not what you would call a 'sappy romantic', and was pleased to find that what could have a been a stereotypical effort to capture the feeling of romanticism, played out with elegance and simplicity.

"This is not to say that men can't benefit from the natural, simple lines of this work, but the material speaks to the sensibility, irrationality, emotional depth, and subtlety of the feminine 'mystique'. And perhaps that isn't the point of the material, but the touch and sound that Segal has created feels rendered from the steady stream of emotion and consciousness that pours from the psyche. It feels like being wrapped up in a blanket of something familiar and ever-present. And it's personal.

"It's poetry without words, and the message is just the same as if Segal had sat down and done a spoken-word piece instead of speaking through the piano. The emotional investment here is the real lesson for beginning musicians and songwriters to glean. And for those of us who sometimes thrive on the onset of early cynicism, it's a welcome departure."
—Heidi Drockelman, Indie-Music.com

“The music on this CD transported me to worlds unknown. ‘Breathtaking’ comes to mind.”

—Mary Ann Brady, Atlanta, GA

“…The art and the message in the Female CD’s accompanying book indicate that the CD is only for women, that women have been deprived of their spiritual and romantic sides.  Is your music meant to express that anguish and lack or to provide a release from it, or both?  Do you feel that men, though members of the same violent world, have not suffered from or experienced this emotional and spiritual detachment?  I’m not sure exactly what it does for me or if my enjoyment of the album has to do with my gender, but I would also like to let you know that I find your music to be extremely moving and beautiful.”

—Vicky S.: College Student, New England

“As a First Vice President of Brokerage Services at CB Richard Ellis, my days start early, end late and I'm ‘on’ the whole time. One night after work, I listened to Misha Segal's Female CD.  It was...amazing.  I listened to it all the way through and by the end of it, I felt like a new person.  Because of my lifestyle, I actively seek things to help me unwind and calm down.  Misha’s music was just the remedy.”

—Patrick Church: Commercial Real Estate Broker, Universal City, CA

“My wife brought home your album, Female, a while ago. While we have enjoyed your very moving music for some time now, we recently found a new use and received a different kind of benefit from your music than one would have expected.  More specifically, when my wife and I were trying to sell our home recently, we had various types of music playing the background and occasionally there was no music playing at all. It appeared clear…while your music was playing in the background, the warmth of our home was enhanced and more importantly, the reaction—particularly that of the female prospective purchasers—was much more positive toward our home and much more intense…. I will never try to sell another piece of real property without playing Female in the background, and I will definitely recommend that all of my friends do the same—regardless of whether or not they use a real estate agent—if they want to maximize and expedite the sale of their home.”

—René Tovar, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

"Dearest Misha, I have been thoroughly absorbed in your delicately beautiful CD, Female.

"I put the CD on right as soon as I had a free moment right after you gave it to me. It sounded great throughout the store and I loved it from the first time I played it. My sister's best friend died of cancer last night and I put your CD on, and it became the soundtrack to the many emotions that one experiences when a loved one passes.

"Your music is exquisite. Thank you."

—Lauren Hurley: Los Angeles, California

"I broke down in tears just past half way through...FEMALE is the way I experience my life.... This CD satisfies so many fragments that keep wanting to be reminded that they exist..."
—Bethe Hagens: Kennebunkport, Maine

"In your music I found a refuge, consolation, comfort, peace and so many other things... "
—Karina Solovieff: Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Dear Misha, in November, a dear friend, the Chancellor of our University System, was involved in a terrible, near fatal car crash, and spent many weeks in convalescence and rehabilitation.  I gave him a copy of ‘Female’ and he made a specific point of telling me how helpful it was in his recovery process. Thank you.”

—William Todd: President & CEO, Georgia Cancer Coalition, Atlanta, Georgia

"Mommy, this music was so beautiful I almost had to cry..."
—Vivian Egginger (6 years old!): Salzburg, Austria

"Misha Segal's Female reminded me exactly why I've had a long standing love for the ivories and my promise to one day learn to play. Beautiful lilting melodies with the ability to soothe even the most fettered nerves (and I'd say schlepping luggage through an airport at 5 a.m. only to have it wind up lost, can be considered pretty fettering). Tunes worthy of appreciation and praise by both sexes (regardless of the liner notes), it would be unfair to restrict the beautiful, modern yet classicly tinged piano from any ears. Although there are no 'actual lyrics', Segal's music speaks volumes. So take Segal's suggestion: 'Close your eyes and let the music take you far, far away...'"
—'Siren' Kimmie: Score! Music Magazine

“Misha, I want to congratulate you on yet another musical accomplishment: Female and Female Part II are true milestones. The music touches the heart and activates the emotions—a true remedy for the soul. I listen to it when I work, drive and rest; it is always fresh and unique. Misha, it has been believed that in medicine, mind is over body. Your music has this magical effect of soothing and relaxing. No matter the turmoil I am in, once I listen to your music I become calm, am able to reflect, recuperate and rejuvenate. If ever music has healing powers, yours does. The ability of your Female CD collection to bring peace to mind and body is unmatched. I hope for many to discover your music’s beauty and power.  I wish you the best and that you continue and further your Female endeavor.”

Dr. Yehuda Handelsman: President, California Chapter, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists; M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E.

"Why would your music hit me so and make me cry? Why would it elevate me so? The stories and the colors you create with your music will remain forever in my heart."
—Susana Sheid: Mexico City, Mexico

"...When I close my eyes, I feel like I'm not on this earth. Feels like all problems are taken away."
—Helen Oberhammer: Los Angeles, California

"... This music could be someone's thoughts! God! This man doesn't just play the piano. He feels the piano. He lives it. This is passion!... This piece is like a newborn baby. Sounds like a real celebration of life. This is like a mom or dad telling their kid for the first time it's okay to sleep in the dark. Beautiful... Every piece has a story attached to it."
—Natalie Kusturic: Santa Monica, California

"Suprisingly good, not at all what I expected. I was in the CD biz for about 5 years, importing recordings from Scotland and elsewhere, so am pretty jaded when it comes to new music, but Female deserves a second listen."
—Don Wessels: Portland Press Herald, Portland, Maine

"In Female, there is a haunting, welcoming similarity to some of Keith Jarrett's early works...in the 70's...but the resonance with the spirit here is, to my ear, more melodious, more easily insinuates itself into your spirit, refuses the jarring jocularity that Mr. Jarrett's works sometimes evoke. Brilliant."
—Scott Weible: Author, "What Would Love Do Now?"

"The list of artists and bands who compete for our love is growing. We were lucky enough to get a copy of Misha Segal's Female CD. Misha has composed a cornucopia of scores including music for the Phantom of the Opera film and Men of Respect. He's also a jazz cat and I managed to wrangle a copy of his Zambooka disc which features Chick Corea and Freddie Hubbard to name a few. I put Female on whenever my lady friends are over. Yummy."
—Mark Mager, Publisher, Internet Exploiter

“After your performance, I can truly say that I think it would be of benefit to all the patients you would reach… The music of 'Female' was soothing, uplifting, and did so much to help ease some of the stress of hospitalization. Patients who attended told me the next day that it was a wonderful experience that provided a respite from their illness.”

—Yolanda Toth: Director, Patient Recreation, Memorial Sloan Kettering Patient Recreation Center, New York, New York

"From the opening notes of the song, Autumn In New England, the first cut on Misha Segal's newest release, Female, your thoughts will be of candle-lit dinners with that special someone. Romantic...peaceful...tranquil. The perfect fix for the end of a work day. Kick back with a glass of vino, and become a spectator for a while.

"The Emmy-award winning Segal wrote Female in memory of his mother, Elisabeth, and as a dedication to all women. This is the spokesman you want, ladies...there are few hats Segal hasn't worn in his career so far. From film and television composing (Phantom of the Opera, The Last Dragon) to songwriting to conducting to producing, he's left an impressive mark worldwide.

"The treat here is our glimpse of Segal, the musician, and particularly his haunting piano work. It's that talent that truly shines on this 10-piece compilation. We were left yearning for more. So will you be."
Al Harbison, Publisher, Screachen Publications


Random women (and one boyfriend) were stopped in the street and asked to listen to only a few seconds of Female on a portable CD player. Here's how they responded:

"My kind of music. Reminds me of New York."
—A.P.: New York, New York

"A respite from the city."
—N.N.: Hollywood, CA

"Very soothing."
—Marie Cartwright: Santa Monica, CA

"Very pleasant. I'd probably listen to it in my car. Sounds beautiful."
—Christine Newman: Los Angeles, CA

"Calmness, pretty."
—Nancy Gabourie: Tucson, AZ

"Makes me think of vacation, quiet, outside the city, nature."
—Ellen Meng: Germany

"A sensation of wanting to cry, but not of sadness."
—Mariela Molina-Corte: Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Very beautiful, peaceful, happy, calming."
—Alice Lindsay: Marina Del Rey, CA

"Rather uplifting!"
—D.H.: Calgary, Canada

—E.K.: San Jose

"Really enjoyed it. Very pleasant, relaxing."
—Elizabeth Sokol: Arlington, MA

"Sad, but beautiful. Peaceful."
—Cathy Milliken: Santa Monica, CA

"I basically wouldn't mind just sitting and listening for a while. It kind of makes me feel mellow and relaxed. I can easily think about things listening to it."
—Kristy Brod: Los Angeles, CA

"Classical elements. Very peaceful and calming."
—Cindy Canzoneri: Malibu, CA

"Very pleasant music. Calm and peaceful."
—M.L.: Santa Monica, CA

"Movie soundtrack. Nostalgic. Very pretty."
—Elizabeth Bedford: Santa Monica, CA

"Nice, relaxed."
—S.H.: Calgary, Canada

"Very flowy, beautiful, warmth, serenity, peace, calming."
—Nancy Safavi: Walnut Creek, CA

"Nice piano. Restful, pretty, nice, vacation."
—A.R.: Los Angeles, CA

"Sounds nice, peaceful."
—Delmi Ramirez: Reseda, CA

"Very soothing, classical piano."
—Melanie Caldwell: Los Angeles, CA

"Very nice, relaxation, peace."
—Maria Luisa Sabate: Mexico City, Mexico

"Serenity, peace, experienced a lift."
—Parv Safavi: Walnut Creek, CA

"Nice, peaceful."
—Merryl Wardhana: Los Angeles, CA

"Very calming."
—Karen Mosier: Michigan

"Relaxing. Made me think of something nice. Great stress relief."
—Irene Bedenikovic: Russia

"Reminds me of a 50's French movie."
—Peter Todorovich: Los Angeles, CA

"Beautiful piano. Very restful. I love good piano. Whoever's playing is very good. I would listen to it when I want to mellow out."
—Emeline Ingersoll: Hollywood, CA

"Calming effect."
—A.N.: Hollywood, CA

"Romantic, pretty."
—S.R.: Hollywood, CA

"Very beautiful. Makes me feel good, uplifted."
—Pearl Drew: Los Angeles, CA

"Little bit of sadness, melancholy. Reminds me of black and white movies."
—Sandy Uranga: Los Angeles, CA

"Very soothing and invigorating at the same time. Beautiful. I'm envious: I wish I could play like that!"
—Paula Drucker: Hollywood, CA

"Beautiful. Makes me feel very nice and comfortable."
—Marta Rivas: Los Angeles, CA

"Something beautiful and relaxing, like I should be listening to it laying down, taking a break from things."
—Dulce de La Rosa: Los Angeles, CA

"Lovely, very soothing. I feel like I should be in a ballet studio."
—Nicole Chiala: Los Angeles, CA

"Very pretty, relaxing."
—Celina Barrientos: Mexico City, Mexico

"Rather melancholy at points. It seems like it would be appropriate for a ballet solo. I'm also thinking of walking through a forest on a cool, Spring day."
—Dorothy Stokes: Toronto, Canada

"Passionate, romantic, takes me back to olden days. Lovely."
—Claudia Perez: Hollywood, CA

"It stirred up many great feelings of past experiences. Touching...memories...romantic."
—Alejandra Morrillo: San Jose, CA